Review: NBC’s Hellblazer is not on fire…

…so go read the comics instead. Someone leaked the pilot episode a few weeks back. I was unimpressed, but decided to reserve judgment. However, last week we received the news that John Constantine’s status as a queer man is “irrelevant” to his character and he is, as such, now straight. I have since lost much faith […]

On the Web: The Hawkeye Initiative

Something beautiful is going down on the internet. And this is it: It’s called “The Hawkeye Initiative.” Here, the often-forgotten member of the five six Avengers in Marvel’s 2012 film takes a stand (…or, rather, a spine-twisting pose) against sexist body positioning in modern comics. Its existence is an accident that can be—not surprisingly—blamed on […]

Review: Fried Rice(Boy)

Review: Rice Boy, by Evan Dahm Meet the protagonist of Rice Boy: a small boy shaped like a piece of rice. He will change the world. The plot is good, part prophecy-journey, part bildungsroman. Both of these do not go anywhere near as expected—the prophecy causes more problems than it foresees fixing, and it’s not the main […]