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By Madison Yang (FA18)

By Madison Yang (FA18)

Would you like to contribute to KaPOW’s Blog or Gallery?

You will find a variety of content on our website blog–comics, comic reviews, recaps of guest speaker events we host, reflections on news and trends in the comics industry, etc. Our gallery also features artwork created by our talented members and alumni. Posts on our blog and gallery are student produced and completely open to submissions! Below are some guidelines to follow if you’re interested in having your work published on our site:

Articles:  Try to keep them between 500 and 1000 words, but the word count is pretty flexible, as long as it’s well written.  All we ask is that the post either conveys something important or informative about comic culture, both online and in the real world, or is a review of some sort of comic, manga, manhwa, etc. that you have read. Of course, if you aren’t sure whether your articles fits within our criteria, feel free to email us and we’ll take a closer look at what you’ve got.

Note: We will credit you on posts; however, KaPOW owns the rights to these submissions. In other words, you can’t post articles given to us on other sites or publications!

Gallery Images & Comics: We are always looking for illustrations and comics to feature whether you’re from Wash U or a fan elsewhere. Whatever you submit will be credited to you and your intellectual property. We’ll be happy to link back to your personal site as long as you provide them to us.  Submissions must be appropriate (i.e. no outright nudity, etc.).  Note that KaPOW Admins reserve the right to determine what is “inappropriate,” and not publish it.

Email Us All Submissions At:

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