10 Most Moving Battles in Naruto (Part 1)

Ok, perhaps it is wrong to use the word “moving” to describe battles, but as I proceed, you’ll get what I mean. The manga I’m reviewing on is Naruto. I believe many comic or manga lovers have at least heard of its name. Sadly, it ended in 2014, and left many flaws in its plot […]

On the Web: The Rule 63 Project

A multi-artist project that involves genderbending, fanart, and feminism? Look no further than Tumblr user andythelemon’s Rule 63 Project, a collaborative effort going on this month on Tumblr. Portraying characters as the opposite-gender versions of themselves is called “genderbending” on the internet, and follows Rule 63 of the internet: For every given male character, there […]

On the Web: The Hawkeye Initiative

Something beautiful is going down on the internet. And this is it: It’s called “The Hawkeye Initiative.” Here, the often-forgotten member of the five six Avengers in Marvel’s 2012 film takes a stand (…or, rather, a spine-twisting pose) against sexist body positioning in modern comics. Its existence is an accident that can be—not surprisingly—blamed on […]