KaPOW Presents: OMOCAT

KaPOW is proud to present, in a lovely collaboration with APX WashU’s art and architecture fraternity, our guest speaker of the semester: the one and only OMOCAT! OMOCAT is an award-winning, highly successful and hyper talented freelance illustrator based out of Pasadena, California. She draws a combination of fanwork and personal work; her motto: “OMOCAT […]

Review: Pretty Deadly

Pretty Deadly has attracted a lot of attention since its launch last week, from being torn up in front of customers at LA shop Comics Ink[i] to being called both “the worst comic ever”[ii] and “effortlessly elegant”[iii] it seems that no one knows what to do with the violent, genre-bending, pseudo-western. I personally though the […]

On the Web: The Rule 63 Project

A multi-artist project that involves genderbending, fanart, and feminism? Look no further than Tumblr user andythelemon’s Rule 63 Project, a collaborative effort going on this month on Tumblr. Portraying characters as the opposite-gender versions of themselves is called “genderbending” on the internet, and follows Rule 63 of the internet: For every given male character, there […]

Review: Squee’s Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors

If you are a child of the Nicktoons era, chances are you’ll recognize the art style of Squee, as writer and artist Jhonen Vasquez is none other than the creator of the cult show Invader Zim. In fact, it was this particular comic that spurred Nickelodeon to ask Vasquez to do a show for them […]