10 Most Moving Battles in Naruto (Part 1)

Ok, perhaps it is wrong to use the word “moving” to describe battles, but as I proceed, you’ll get what I mean. The manga I’m reviewing on is Naruto. I believe many comic or manga lovers have at least heard of its name. Sadly, it ended in 2014, and left many flaws in its plot […]

Zac Gorman talks about his life as an artist

Last Friday, Zac Gorman, comic and storyboard artist known for his work on Magical Game Time, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon, came to speak to a crowd of WashU’s comic and art enthusiasts on his journey in becoming the renown comic and storyboard artist that he is today. From his talk, it seemed to me that […]

Comic Review: The Book Club

“My past is forgotten like the shriveled leaves of the seasons. I am robbed of my doubt, my fear. With this first step, I set forth into this blood stained world.” [Note: Possibly Triggering Content such as blood and murder is contained below.] The Book Club (2006) is a short horror/psychological Korean manhwa series written by Cho […]