Pain before the battle with Jiraiya

10 Most Moving Battles in Naruto (Part 2)

I noticed that my part 1 was a huge spoiler to those who haven’t read the manga before, so I decide to continue “spoiling” (eh…?) 5. Jiraiya vs. Pain Pain actually refers to the name of a group that has seven different ninjas. To be more precise, the group is actually six corpses of dead […]

Megan dong 1

Megan Dong on storyboarding and comic-making

Last Saturday, KaPOW was excited to have storyboard and comic artist Megan Dong come speak at WashU.  She talked about her work, ranging from storyboarding scenes of DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon 2 to personal comics, gave aspiring artists some sound advice, and even did a short demo. We were all looking forward to […]

Sandbox: a collection of work by members of KaPOW Comic Club

Giraffes in a Sandbox: Or, an Anthology

Ten giraffes! In a Sandbox! I don’t know what more you could want out of life. Presenting… drum roll please… the first ever KaPOW Anthology, featuring artwork, short stories, and comics from our esteemed members. In a compact 5.5 by 7 inch frame, this collection of the best of our work can keep you entertained […]