Review: Reborn!

Review: Reborn! by Akira Amano (Status: 409 Chapters, Completed) If you’re looking for a good manga to read, I definitely recommend picking up a volume of Reborn! A zany medley of Mafioso infants, gag jokes, and flaming objects, Reborn! captures the essence of the shōnen genre while incorporating its own unique flair. The story centers […]

Review: Heartbreak Soup

REVIEW: Heartbreak Soup, by Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez   Heartbreak Soup is the first in a two-volume collection of stories from creator Gilbert (and brother Jaime) Hernandez’s Love and Rockets series, all of which take place in a sleepy Central American town called Palomar. The collection almost reads like an epic; the stories span nearly […]

On the Web: The Hawkeye Initiative

Something beautiful is going down on the internet. And this is it: It’s called “The Hawkeye Initiative.” Here, the often-forgotten member of the five six Avengers in Marvel’s 2012 film takes a stand (…or, rather, a spine-twisting pose) against sexist body positioning in modern comics. Its existence is an accident that can be—not surprisingly—blamed on […]

Review: Romantically Apocalyptic

REVIEW: Romantically Apocalyptic, by alexiuss on deviantART I stumbled across Romantically Apocalyptic on deviantArt a year ago. It’s a relatively popular comic on the site, and is frequently featured on the front page. I resisted reading it for a while—I’d grown a little tired of post-apocalyptic stories at the time—but after a while my curiosity […]

Review: The Amazing Screw-On Head

REVIEW: The Amazing Screw on Head and Other Curious Objects, by Mike Mignola  When searching for way to describe Mike Mignola’s The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects, I came to the conclusion that this short graphic novel is, at the barest reduction, one of the world’s great unapologetic shrines to weirdness. It is […]

Review: Fried Rice(Boy)

Review: Rice Boy, by Evan Dahm Meet the protagonist of Rice Boy: a small boy shaped like a piece of rice. He will change the world. The plot is good, part prophecy-journey, part bildungsroman. Both of these do not go anywhere near as expected—the prophecy causes more problems than it foresees fixing, and it’s not the main […]

Review: Cucumbers and Almonds and Quests, oh my!

Review: Cucumber Quest, by Gigi DG Done in a lighthearted cartoony style with a beautiful pastel color palette, Cucumber Quest is a fun, innocent adventure story about a boy (rabbit?) named Cucumber, who’s forced into the stereotypical role of a hero by his jerkbutt father. The story and art are done by Gigi DG, and are uploaded […]

Review: Are You On the Global Frequency?

Review: Global Frequency, by Warren Ellis Let me begin by saying that I’m very new to comics. How new? Basically, if you haven’t even read your first comic yet, you’re not too far behind me. But I made some productive visits to the Star Clipper this summer, so now I’m qualified to write at least six reviews. […]