Megan Dong on storyboarding and comic-making

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Last Saturday, KaPOW was excited to have storyboard and comic artist Megan Dong come speak at WashU.  She talked about her work, ranging from storyboarding scenes of DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon 2 to personal comics, gave aspiring artists some sound advice, and even did a short demo.

We were all looking forward to seeing her work from HTTYD2, and Megan did not disappoint. Her storyboards were dynamic, funny, and seemed to come alive on their own. She also showed examples of her About Merpeople, makeup, and cat comics, which had some of the most hilarious situations and character expressions. She even passed around her sketchbook, giving us the opportunity to see her doodles and comics up close.

As a successful artist, she gave some pretty useful advice – like how “pencil mileage” matters, but only if you’re drawing productively (i.e. stepping out of your comfort zone!). Also, if you’re trying to make a funny comic, you’re probably better off just “derping it out” instead of spending time making it beautiful.

At the end of her talk, she did a demo of her comic-making process. Students called out random story ideas, and then she sketched out, inked, and colored a comic. The final product featured a human-giraffe creature squeezing into a subway train filled with cats in business suits.  It was very cool watching her create something from start to finish, and end up with something that was truly Megan-Dong-style.

Overall her talk was engaging and fun to listen to, and it was an amazing opportunity to have Megan share a bit about herself with WashU artists and comic enthusiasts. We look forward to seeing more of what she does in the future!

– Madison Yang

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