Giraffes in a Sandbox: Or, an Anthology

Exactly what is says on the tin.

Exactly what is says on the tin.

Ten giraffes! In a Sandbox! I don’t know what more you could want out of life.

Presenting… drum roll please… the first ever KaPOW Anthology, featuring artwork, short stories, and comics from our esteemed members. In a compact 5.5 by 7 inch frame, this collection of the best of our work can keep you entertained from the moment you pick it up.

Sandbox Interior

Want a comic about omelettes? We’ve got it. Want to squee over chibi animals in a pile? We’ve got it too. I don’t know about anyone else, but this isn’t something I can just skim through and be done with. From snorting inelegantly at stick figures to admiring the quality of detail in these artworks, my copy of Sandbox is well on its way to becoming dog-eared.

Do I have your attention yet? Go check out the full Sandbox PDF in our site’s Comic section and support our talented club members!

– Alicia


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