Zac Gorman talks about his life as an artist

Last Friday, Zac Gorman, comic and storyboard artist known for his work on Magical Game Time, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon, came to speak to a crowd of WashU’s comic and art enthusiasts on his journey in becoming the renown comic and storyboard artist that he is today.

From his talk, it seemed to me that Zac Gorman was a regular guy who works very hard. Super hard. Because of this, I felt like I could relate to him. In the beginning of his talk, Zac said that he was “not ready” to do art professionally coming out of college; it was only committing himself to practice on his own volition, without an audience, that he was able to get his skills to where he wanted them to be. He recounted the first time he got a piece published with nostalgia and embarrassment, as many do when they look at past work. In addition, he emphasized the importance of finding a unique expressive voice. He encouraged audience members to seek out influences where they least expect them, like how French comics changed his own perception of comics.

His talk was also relevant because of the breath of knowledge he had about the industries he’d worked in. Between the talk and the Q&A, Zac shared information about how he ran his blog to how he worked as a freelance storyboard artist, going so far as to show some of the raw storyboards he had done for shows that have gone on air. Furthermore, he gave tips to the future artists in the audience; one of which, was his wish to have gone to a show sooner so that he would be able to make connections with the artistic community. I believe that this information proved invaluable to the audience members. (especially those art students!)

Zac’s stories, from silly to practical, further kindled our love for comics and animation. I look forward to seeing what he does next.

– Jonathan


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