Review: Batgirl 35

Comic: Batgirl (New 52), by DC Comics (Tarr, Steward, and Fletcher)

Status: Ongoing

The moment I heard cool-lady drawer Babs Tarr ( was going to be doing the art for the new Batgirl comics, I knew that we were going to be in for something special. Tarr, Stewart, and Fletcher give us a first taste with a costume re-design: no longer was Batgirl wearing high-heeled boots and a full spandex body-suit, but she had bright yellow Doc-Martin combat boots, clip on cape, a separate top with comfortable zippers. The new Barbara Gordon is a practical, honest super genius with a knack for selfies, and the cover can tell you.

Barbara Gordon goes undercover at Black Box to try and bust a hacker DJ and uses the selfie to her advantage.

Barbara Gordon goes undercover at Black Box to try and bust a hacker DJ and uses the selfie to her advantage.

Tarr, Stewart and Fletcher craft this beautiful combination of everyday fun for a female college student (our opening scene is Babs recollecting romantic antics of a party the night before) and a crime-fighting problem-solving super-genius heroine at hard work. That’s not an easy balance to strike, but they nailed it with the first issue. Spoiler: in 35 she busts a cyber-eyed hacker DJ by sending him a selfie with a virus QR code that she developed herself.

Not to mention we have beautiful sequences like this:




Getting a glimpse into how the mind of super sleuth Barbara (nicknamed Babs) Gordon works while showcasing Tarr’s mastery of body language color and page design? You’ve got me.

I read snippets of Batgirl’s character in previous DC comics—stuff how she was physically abused and rendered disabled, turning her into Oracle, and how she was played by Robin (Dick Grayson). A lot of pretty awful stuff. But the new Batgirl brings something refreshing, charming, and full of a lot of love for Babs Gordon. It’s beautifully drawn, funny, clever, and most of all, fun,because its clear that Tarr, Stewart, and Fletcher want that for this Barbara Gordon.

Go to your nearest comic store and grab a copy of the three issues that are out right now! It’s so worth it.

Alex Chiu

(Images belong to DC Comics, Inc.)

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