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A multi-artist project that involves genderbending, fanart, and feminism? Look no further than Tumblr user andythelemon’s Rule 63 Project, a collaborative effort going on this month on Tumblr.

Portraying characters as the opposite-gender versions of themselves is called “genderbending” on the internet, and follows Rule 63 of the internet: For every given male character, there is a female version of that character. For every given female character, there is a male version of that character. The aim of this project is to bring attention to the fact that girls can be just as awesome of heroes as boys—by drawing the female versions of popular male protagonists. Hopefully this will help highlight the need for more female main characters in popular media!

Brescia (Bruce) Banner by http://shelbutttt.tumblr.com/

Brescia (Bruce) Banner by http://shelbutttt.tumblr.com/

Andy asked Tumblr artists to request characters so that everyone would be drawing different things, and the result is a list on her blog of heroes that covers everyone from Harry Potter to Homer Simpson; Tom Saywer to Batman. The art has already started to be posted, and as the project is scheduled to last throughout the month of October, you should keep your eye on all things tagged “r63 project” on Tumblr this month!

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