Review: Reborn!

Review: Reborn! by Akira Amano

(Status: 409 Chapters, Completed)

If you’re looking for a good manga to read, I definitely recommend picking up a volume of Reborn! A zany medley of Mafioso infants, gag jokes, and flaming objects, Reborn! captures the essence of the shōnen genre while incorporating its own unique flair.


The story centers on the adventures of Tsunayoshi Sawada, or Tsuna for short. Initially, Tsuna appears to be an ordinary, albeit talentless and friendless, middle school student. One day, however, an infant hitman named Reborn informs Tsuna that he is heir to the Vongola Family of the Mafia. Despite Tsuna’s protests, Reborn soon takes on the responsibility of training Tsuna to be a Mafia boss. With the help of special bullets, he transforms Tsuna (both literally and figuratively) into a more determined character and helps Tsuna form new friendships.

reborn2One of the most enjoyable parts of this series is its art style. Many of the story’s battles are intricately detailed, and their presentation makes the scene appear vibrant and dynamic. For me, the original weapon designs throughout the series are particularly intriguing, and are definitely part of the series’ appeal as well. Amano does a wonderful job illustrating the settings and characters, too. There are, of course, the unique and cute infant characters throughout the series that are bound to attract attention. But the changes in art style that occur with Tsuna’s and his friends’ developments are equally deserving of attention. Overall, the characters (and the occasional animal companion) are beautifully rendered throughout the story.

Over time, the story shifts from lighthearted humor to more serious, and sometimes violent, scenes. Nonetheless, Reborn! remains a good read throughout. No matter what genre you like, you’re sure to find something fun inside Reborn!


The cast of Reborn! Aren’t those floating infants cute?

Linda Wang

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