On the Web: The Hawkeye Initiative

Something beautiful is going down on the internet. And this is it:


Look at Hawkeye being all magnificent.
(credit: http://allthefandomfeelings.tumblr.com/)

It’s called “The Hawkeye Initiative.” Here, the often-forgotten member of the five six Avengers in Marvel’s 2012 film takes a stand (…or, rather, a spine-twisting pose) against sexist body positioning in modern comics. Its existence is an accident that can be—not surprisingly—blamed on Tumblr. All you do is find a sultry pose and draw Hawkeye doing it. Bam.

The movement appears to be a reaction to a massive internet attack on the satirist James Gunn, who missed the mark with an article* earlier this year (warning: it’s intended to be a tongue-in-cheek attack on sexist and homophobic attitudes in the comic world, but basically fails at doing so and has generated controversy for a reason.) Similar outrage against the “eww comic- nerd girls are posers” movement probably feeds into it. And, you know, decades of physically impossible poses.


Women are about sixty years behind in picking up on active campaigns against sexism in mainstream comics, but here it is.

Whether you’re movement-sympathetic or not, Clint Barton in a corset shakin’ his booty has brought smiles to my face. The project is going strong at http://thehawkeyeinitiative.tumblr.com, if you want to procrastinate a bit.

—K. Mae Petrin


*Note: Sorry, our link to the Gunn article no longer works.  If anyone can find the original article, please post it in the comments below!

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