Review: Cucumbers and Almonds and Quests, oh my!

Review: Cucumber Questby Gigi DG

A wand isn't exactly a typical hero's weapon, but check out that sizzlin' magic!

A wand isn’t exactly a typical hero’s weapon, but check out that sizzlin’ magic!Gigi DG

Done in a lighthearted cartoony style with a beautiful pastel color palette, Cucumber Quest is a fun, innocent adventure story about a boy (rabbit?) named Cucumber, who’s forced into the stereotypical role of a hero by his jerkbutt father. The story and art are done by Gigi DG, and are uploaded to her website as a webcomic.
One aspect of the comic that I really appreciate is the art style. The artist Gigi DG has a mastery of complex lighting, incorporating it into a deceptively simple art style. This combination of simplicity and complexity sucks you into the universe of the Doughnut Kingdom and keeps you on your toes waiting for each new page.
Another enjoyable aspect of the comic is the clever integration of food themes. There’s a range of entertaining characters such as the menacing trio of Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato, the confectionary sisters Baguette and Tartelette, and heck, Cucumber and his sister Almond are named accordingly. With settings such as the Tiramisu Tower in the Flatbread Flatlands, it’s always a pleasure waiting to see what fun scenarios will show up next.

It might be a little too early for the spunky Almond to face the main antagonist, the Nightmare Knight.

Cucumber Quest is an amazingly fun comic that can impress readers of any age. The current update schedule is a page every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.If you’re still on the fence about this awesome-tacular webcomic, be sure to check out the character bio page! Fun stuff, I promise.

– Andrew


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