Review: Are You On the Global Frequency?

Planet Ablaze, the first of the two Global Frequency collections.

ReviewGlobal Frequency, by Warren Ellis

Let me begin by saying that I’m very new to comics. How new? Basically, if you haven’t even read your first comic yet, you’re not too far behind me. But I made some productive visits to the Star Clipper this summer, so now I’m qualified to write at least six reviews. Hopefully you’ll enjoy, whether you’re new to comics or a veteran preparing to judge me. Here we go!

One of my favorite comics I picked up this summer was an older series from 2003: Global Frequency by Warren Ellis, who you may know from such works as Planetary and the webcomic FreakAngels. The Global Frequency series is twelve issues split into two collections: Planet Ablaze (issues one through six) and Detonation Radio (seven through twelve).

A rendition of Aleph by Gene Ha, as seen in Global Frequency Issue 12, Harpoon.

The series is about a not-so-secret organization titled—you guessed it—the Global Frequency. Led by the fearless Miranda Zero, the GF comprises 1001 operatives skilled in anything from clinical psychology to bio-weapon engineering to parkour. In each of the series’ twelve issues, Miranda Zero and her command center guru Aleph send operatives to control hostage situations, Ebola Zaire bombs, and more.

One of the things I like most about the series—besides the science fiction elements, which I’m a sucker for—is that each issue is drawn by a different artist. I’ve heard arguments that the different styles of art, coupled with the brevity of the issues, make the series feel disjointed, but I think it gives the series a feeling of scope. Beyond that, it’s just awesome to see so many talented individuals collaborating. But I guess you’ll have to pick up a copy to see which camp you’re in.

-Emily Stein, BlogBoss

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